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Building the right mindset purpose and positive character in the next generation; a spirit of giving and a passion to help others.

Community Development

Love is the foundation for building strong relationships. This is our core focus for uniting people.

Sustainable Living

"Your greatest accomplishment is the wisdom you pass on to your children."
- Miss Global Foundation CEO; Tea Mak

Rubia Bari Miss Global United Kingdom

Rubia Bari

Miss Global Wales

Rubia Marie is a single mother of 2, philanthropist, author, model, public speaker and mentor. She holds pageant titles nationally, internationally, and proudly represents the Miss categories FM, DV, HBA survivor and given ambassador roles because of her amazing gift of reaching out globally and touching people. She's appeared in various media and given award recognition through the house of parliament for her bravery of speaking out. Rubia's words echo as she continues to empower as many people with her positivity and bravery. 

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